• Why you should choose a pet-friendly tiny home for your next adventure!

    August 20, 2023


    Many travelers who don’t want to leave their beloved pooch at home can now experience a pet-friendly tiny homes adventure!

    Pet friendly tiny home
    Altitude in the Macedon Ranges, Victoria (credit: Tiny Away)


    The tiny house movement has been making waves in the world of travel and architecture for a while now, but many don’t realise that many of these hidden gems offer pet-friendly tiny home options.

    We’ve featured a range of pet-friendly travel adventures recently, accommodating to different holiday tastes, and now we’re adding tiny homes to that list!

    Pet-friendly tiny home adventures

    Tiny homes, with their blend of comfort, convenience, and closeness to nature, are leading the way in this pet-friendly revolution.

    These compact, minimalist structures offer a unique blend of simplicity and luxury, making them a top choice for many travelers.

    And the rise in pet-friendly tiny homes reflects a broader shift in travel trends.

    Moreover, the compact nature of tiny houses means you’re never too far from your pet.

    A husky sits outside a tiny home
    A husky sits outside Willow Dale Farm’s tiny home in the Hunter Valley (credit: Tiny Away)

    This proximity can be especially comforting for pets who are new to travelling or tend to get anxious in unfamiliar settings.

    Founded in 2018, Tiny Away is one of the Australian companies offering a range of tiny houses for travelers seeking alternative and unique accommodation experiences.

    Not only does their network include a range of comfy, eco-friendly tiny houses, they also offer pet-friendly accommodation.

    “Pet owners often struggle to find suitable accommodation that allows their furry friends, and we want to make sure that people who love travelling with their pets are catered for,” says Jeff Yeo, co-founder of Tiny Away.

    “Our tiny houses are located in stunning, isolated spots – as well as farms and rural properties, so there is always plenty of space for our canine guests to roam and enjoy the outdoors just as much as their owners.”

    A big benefit of their tiny size, is the ability for tiny houses to be placed in many locations that regular-sized accommodation can’t fit in.

    “What’s more, our pet-friendly tiny house stays are often located near wineries, hiking trails, and other attractions that cater to both humans and their pets.”

    “We know that owning pets is good for your mental and physical health, and we want to ensure that having the ability to bring them on a weekend away will enhance people’s travel experience and help encourage our guests, even more, to get out and explore the natural surrounds of our tiny house stays.”

    Top reasons to choose a pet-friendly tiny home for your next adventure

    Intimate and cozy setting

    Unlike vast holiday homes or impersonal hotel rooms, tiny houses offer a warm, intimate setting.

    This closeness ensures that your pet remains within your sight, reducing the chances of them feeling anxious in a new environment.

    Outdoor access

    Most tiny houses are strategically located amidst nature.

    Whether it’s by the beach, in the woods, or on a serene countryside, this provides pets with ample outdoor space to explore, play, and get their daily dose of exercise.

    Customised pet amenities

    Recognising the growing demand, many tiny house owners are going the extra mile.

    From built-in pet beds to secure outdoor play areas and even pet-friendly welcome packs, these homes are designed keeping in mind the needs of our four-legged companions.


    Taking your pet on holiday often means additional expenses – pet deposits, extra cleaning fees, or even charges for pet-sitting services.

    With pet-friendly tiny houses, these costs are often reduced or entirely eliminated, making your trip more budget-friendly.

    Community experience

    Many tiny house settlements foster a sense of community.

    This can be a great way for both you and your pet to socialise. Your furry friend might just find a playmate in the tiny house next door!

    Environmentally friendly

    Tiny houses are often built with sustainability in mind.

    By choosing such accommodations, you’re not just ensuring a great holiday for your pet but also doing your bit for the planet.


    Tiny Away’s pet-friendly tiny homes

    A step up from glamping, each tiny house offers hot showers, air conditioning, a cozy queen bed, and a kitchenette.

    The sustainably-built tiny houses are typically positioned on farms or remote rural properties, with plenty of outdoor space for you and your pup to roam and explore.

    So, if you’re looking for a tiny home for your holiday but can’t bear the thought of leaving home without your four-legged friend, Tiny Away shares some of their pet-friendly tiny homes across the east coast of Australia that are pet friendly: 

    Altitude, Monegeetta (Macedon Ranges), Victoria

    Altitude is the ideal dog-friendly stay in Monegeetta in the stunning Macedon Ranges which is well known for Hanging Rock, foodie towns like Kyneton as well as wineries and walking trails.

    Tiny Inja, Kurrajong (Hawkesbury), NSW

    Just over an hour away from Sydney in village surrounds, discover beautiful birds and farm animals on this 5-acre lifestyle property.

    The house is close to Bilpin, the Hawkesbury River, and some of the region’s best bushwalks and cycling routes.


    Tiny Inja tiny home on the Hawkesbury
    Tiny Inja tiny home on the Hawkesbury (credit: Tiny Away)

    Golden Hill Farmstay, Rosedale (Bundaberg Region), Queensland

    Golden Hill Farmstay is the perfect Queensland farm stay nestled on 168 acres of green pastures, dense woodlands, native wildlife, and farm animals including free-range chickens, pigs, and goats.

    Maluridae Creek Views, Lawrence (Daylesford), Victoria

    This ideal tiny house escape is surrounded by rolling green pastures, farmlands, and starry night skies.

    Set in a perfect little triangle of Daylesford, Clunes, and Creswick, you can enjoy beautiful picnic spots, farm animals, and wildlife.


    Maluridae Creek Tiny Home in Victoria
    Maluridae Creek Tiny Home in Victoria (credit: Tiny Away)

    Willow Dale Farm, Paterson (Hunter Valley), NSW

    Willow Dale Farm is set in a large paddock overlooking farmland and the soothing waters of a nearby dam.

    Nestled within the Hunter Valley, Willow Dale Farm offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life where you and your pup can engage with friendly farm animals, take leisurely strolls through the property, and ‘lap up’ the authentic country atmosphere.