• Dog trainers can now specialise in Assistance Dog training

    June 23, 2024


    Assistance Dogs Australia dog training taking place
    Assistance Dogs Australia (ADA) and Hanrob College have launched a pioneering partnership to deliver a nationally recognised qualification for future Assistance Dog trainers. The collaboration aims to elevate the standards of training and accreditation for Assistance Dogs in Australia.

    The 14-month course offers a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Students will train at ADA’s National Training Centre in Sydney, where they will work directly with Assistance Dog puppies. This hands-on approach ensures graduates are well-prepared for the demands of the industry.

    Assistance dogs training course curriculum 

    The curriculum covers a range of essential topics, including animal behaviour, training techniques, and the specific requirements for training Assistance Dogs. In addition to practical sessions, the course includes placements where students can apply their skills in real-world settings.

    Graduates of this program will be equipped to meet the growing demand for well-trained Assistance Dogs, which play a crucial role in supporting individuals with disabilities. The program aims to set a new benchmark in the industry, ensuring that trainers possess the expertise needed to produce highly capable and reliable Assistance Dogs.

    Highlights of the assistance dogs training program

    1. Unique Curriculum: The first Australian course to offer a specialisation in Assistance Dog training, blending theory and practical experience.

    2. Hands-on Training: Students train at ADA’s National Training Centre and work with Assistance Dog puppies.

    3. Industry Impact: Aims to raise the standards and professionalise the field of Assistance Dog training.

    4. Career Pathways: Provides a structured career path for aspiring trainers.

    ADA Chief Executive Officer Tim Taylor said the partnership is an industry first. “There is currently no clear career pathway for potential professional Assistance Dog trainers. Partnering with Hanrob College allows ADA to set a precedent for quality and consistency from an industry-driven perspective.”

    “The course is an important step in setting a new benchmark for the professional training and accreditation of Assistance Dogs, which is a win for both aspiring trainers and Assistance Dog recipients.”

    Hanrob College CEO Andrew Biggs added: “We are privileged to be partnering with ADA to shape the next generation of Assistance Dog trainers and nurture the bond between humans and canines, one qualification at a time.”

    Hanrob College is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 70236) a division of Hanrob, a leading national pet boarding and dog training company since 1981.

    For more information about the ACM40322 – Certificate IV in Animal Behaviour and Training with Assistance Dog specialisation, visit hanrob.com.au/animal-studies/.

    For more information, visit the Assistance Dogs Australia website. 


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