• Pets in Business: program helping businesses be pet-friendly

    June 20, 2024


    With Take Your Dog to Work Day approaching, we take a look at a new program helping workplaces create pet-friendly offices across Australia.

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    Pet-friendly office policies can transform workplaces. In fact, implementing pet policies increases happiness and productivity amongst the employees.

    That’s why Companion Animal Network Australia (CANA) has created the Pets in Business program to make offices more welcoming for pets and employees alike.

    Take Your Dog To Work Day

    In recent years, more employers are welcoming pets into the workplace to reduce stress and improve employee retention.

    Studies show that pet-friendly companies are more likely to attract, engage, and retain employees.

    And with Take Your Dog to Work Day on June 21, Companion Animal Network Australia (Australia CAN) is launching its Pets in Business program to help employers set up pet-friendly policies that benefit both the business and its employees.

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    The benefits of pet-friendly workplaces

    Pet-friendly workplaces offer numerous benefits, including:

    – Reduced stress: Pets have a calming presence, helping to alleviate employee stress and anxiety.

    – Increased productivity: Pets can boost overall productivity and improve workplace morale.

    – Enhanced collaboration: The presence of pets can encourage social interaction and collaboration among colleagues.

    – Improved employee retention: Pet-friendly benefits can create a stronger bond between employees and their employer, leading to higher retention rates.

    According to Australia CAN, eight in 10 employees are highly bonded to their employer when pet-friendly benefits are offered. Additionally, consumer research shows that 85% of Australian dog owners would go into the office more if they could bring their pets, and 63% of employees in pet-friendly workplaces are “very satisfied” with their work environment.

    Launch of the Pets in Business program

    In response to the growing demand for pet-friendly workplaces, Australia CAN is launching its Pets in Business program. This initiative provides free resources to help employers set up pet-friendly policies that cater to the needs of the business, non-pet owners, and pet-owning staff. Resources include:

    – Pet Resume

    – Pet Friendly Workplace and Pet Free Zone Posters

    – Rules for Pets and Humans

    – Office Pet Roster

    For a donation, employers can also receive a branded Pets in Business kit that includes comprehensive rules and regulations tailored to their workplace. All donations support the work of CANA member agencies.

    The importance of preparation

    “Creating a pet-friendly workplace involves carefully balancing the interests and rights of all employees, ensuring the welfare of the animals and managing the associated liability risks,” says Trish Ennis, CEO of Australia CAN.

    It’s important to note that not every workplace is suitable for pets, such as those with high-risk machinery or where certain animals are prohibited.

    “Some animals are also prohibited, such as snakes, spiders and uncaged bunnies who can chew up cords! All pets need to be trained and not cause disruptions, such as reactive dogs that tend to bark at other people or animals,” says Ennis.

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    How to get started

    If you’re considering implementing a pet-friendly policy in your workplace, start by visiting Australia CAN’s website for more information and resources.

    As companies strive to create happier and more productive workplaces, implementing a pet-friendly policy could be the perfect solution. With Australia CAN’s Pets in Business program, employers can access the resources they need to create a welcoming environment for pets and employees alike. Celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day by considering how your workplace can benefit from the presence of pets.

    → Learn more about Pets in Business on CANA’s website

    About CANA

    Australia CAN represents the companion animal welfare work of member organisations across the country. The charity also celebrates the human-animal bond and promotes responsible pet ownership through national campaigns, partnerships, and initiatives, such as the Pets in Aged Care and Rent with Pets programs.


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