• SASH receives Australian-first animal trauma centre accreditation

    June 14, 2024



    Injured dog Lenny at SASH North Ryde

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    Sydney animal hospital SASH North Ryde and its western Sydney facilities have achieved a significant milestone in their veterinary services, with both centres receiving preliminary Trauma Centre accreditation from VetCOT, the global authority in veterinary trauma care.

    The accreditation makes SASH –  Small Animal Specialist Hospital – the only veterinary hospitals to earn the recognition not only in Australia, but the entire Southern Hemisphere.

    “At SASH, everything we do is dedicated to providing the best possible treatment and outcomes for our patients,” says Dr. Erin Mooney, an Emergency and Critical Care Specialist Veterinarian at SASH North Ryde.

    “When it comes to trauma cases, we know that every second counts and that even short delays can adversely affect a pet’s outcome.

    “It is gratifying to be recognised as a leader in trauma care by the external authority in the area.”

    Unmatched facilities and expertise: what VetCOT trauma centre accreditation means

    The VetCOT accreditation highlight’s SASH’s commitment to world-class veterinary care.

    To achieve this status, SASH North Ryde and Western Sydney had to meet stringent criteria. They had to demonstrate:

    Immediate and 24/7 availability of emergency veterinarians.

    Access to advanced imaging, laboratory services, multiple operating theatres, and ICU.

    Team-based specialist care for trauma patients.

    These facilities ensure that pets receive the same level of emergency care that humans do in medical trauma centres.

    The SASH flagship hospital in North Ryde also offers specialist neurology, neurosurgery, cardiology, and ophthalmology services.

    Lenny’s story

    Four-year-old Irish Terrier Lenny made his owner’s worst nightmares come true recently when, while on a walk, he slipped out of his collar and ran directly into oncoming traffic, resulting in him being struck by a car.

    Initially appearing fine, Lenny was taken to a local vet by his owner, Jim, after showing signs of breathlessness. There, x-rays revealed severe lung bruising and internal bleeding, leading to his transfer to SASH for intensive care.

    He was also found to have low oxygen levels, a collapsed lung, multiple rib fractures, and internal bleeding.

    Lenny was placed on life support, meaning a ventilator was breathing for him and providing oxygen – to assist his recovery.

    Patients on life support are dependent on vets and nurses for their whole care and require 24/7 monitoring.

    After three days, Lenny was able to come off the ventilator. He spent another four days at SASH receiving round-the-clock care for his injuries, at which point he was well enough to continue his recovery at home.

    When reflecting on Lenny’s treatment, Jim says he was incredibly impressed by the facilities and the level of care.

    “The facilities were better than some of the human hospitals I have seen,” he says.

    “The service was superb… everyone from the vets to the nurses and the reception staff were just amazing.”

    Lenny has since made a full recovery, a testament to the exceptional care provided by SASH.

    Ahri’s ordeal

    When Maine Coon Ahri fell from an eight-story building last year, her injuries were severe. The four-month-old kitten suffered extensive bruising, a broken femur, smashed scapula, fractured cheekbones, and significant blood loss.

    Referred to SASH by her local vet, Ahri underwent life-saving surgery and was treated in intensive care for four days by SASH’s specialist team in the SASH ICU

    Ahri’s owner, Gavin, praised the care and communication from the SASH team.

    “It was a super emotional time,” recalls her owner Gavin, praising the care Ahri received at SASH.

    “Ahri is part of the family, and we really thought we would lose her.

    “SASH didn’t give us any false hope, but they were also very positive about the whole situation.”

    Gavin’s experience highlights the dedication of SASH staff to not only providing excellent medical care but also supporting pet owners through traumatic times.

    “The team even called in the middle of the night once to just let me know when she had got out of surgery.

    “I would no doubt recommend SASH to anyone as an emergency and specialist vet hospital for their pets.

    “They did an amazing job and deserve recognition for it.”

    Leading the way in veterinary trauma care

    SASH’s achievement of VetCOT Trauma Centre status is a landmark event for veterinary care in Australia.

    The recognition shows SASH’s commitment to providing the highest standard of care, ensuring that pets receive the best possible treatment in emergencies.

    With their state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated team, SASH continues to lead the way in veterinary trauma care, setting a benchmark for others to follow.

    → Visit SASH’s website to learn more about the trauma facilities and how the team can help your pet.



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