• Sydney flashmob calls for KFC to improve chicken welfare

    June 30, 2023


    A flash mob – or flash ‘gob’ – stopped Sydney traffic today to protest the widespread mistreatment of farmed chickens used by KFC.

    Organised by Animal welfare organisation World Animal Protection, the group, dressed as chickens, performed outside KFC’s popular Haymarket store.

    The organisation says the aim of the event was to highlight the cruel living conditions experienced by chickens in KFC’s supply chain.

    Spokesperson Suzanne Milthorpe says the stunt was to protest the poor welfare conditions, fast growth genetics, and overcrowded living spaces experienced by the chickens.

    World Animal Protection protest KFC's chicken welfare
    A flashmob took to Sydney streets to protest KFC’s chicken welfare (image: World Animal Protection)

    “Our Flash Gob took to the streets of Sydney to shine a light on the unimaginable cruelty chickens endure, making them one of the most inhumanely treated animals on our planet” says Suzanne.

    “By offering chickens more space to move and by using breeds that grow at a slower and healthier rate, KFC would significantly enhance their overall welfare.”

    Nearly three-quarters of a billion chickens are factory-farmed for meat each year in Australia alone.

    Fast-food outlets like KFC, drive a significant amount of this demand.

    A recent report, ‘The Protein Switch,’ has revealed that fast-food outlets like KFC are failing on chicken welfare, and it’s time to do better.

    World Animal Protection flashmob protest chicken welfare at KFC
    The group has called for major improvements to the treatment of chickens used in the food supply chain (image: World Animal Protection)

    World Animal Protection is urging KFC to embrace the ‘Better Chicken Commitment‘, which would greatly enhance chicken living conditions.

    This would be done by allowing them to have more room to move, and time to grow at a more natural and healthy rate.

    “Despite the fact that almost its entire menu consists of chicken-based options, KFC Australia has yet to sign up to the commitment,” says Suzanne.

    To date, Domino’s is the only fast-food company in Australia to commit to the Better Chicken Commitment by ensuring slower-growing breeds with better welfare outcomes will be introduced into their supply chain.

    “This commitment will undoubtedly lead to the improved health of millions of chickens.”

    World Animal Protection has called on KFC and its customers to join their campaign and demand a better future for the millions of chickens suffering in the food industry.

    The petition is available here.

    About World Animal Protection

    World Animal Protection is the global voice for animal welfare, with more than 70 years’ experience campaigning for a world where animals live free from cruelty and suffering.

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