Animal communicator Pea Horsley on connecting with animals

Animal communicator Pea Horsley dedicates her time to developing a deeper understanding between humans and the animal kingdom, and teaching others how they can do the same.

We spoke with Pea ahead of her upcoming Australian tour about her love of animals, and why she’s passionate about others getting involved in animal communication.

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In recent years, there’s been a noticeable shift in how we view and interact with animals.

Gone are the days when our connections with pets and wildlife were seen purely through the lens of ownership or conservation. Instead, there’s a growing movement towards understanding the emotional and intellectual worlds of animals.

Central to this movement is the practice of animal communication. It’s a field that’s gaining traction and respect worldwide. Among the pioneers leading this charge is animal communicator Pea Horsley, a name synonymous with the art of connecting with animals.

After shifting from a successful career in theatre to a full-time professional animal communicator, Pea Horsley’s journey into animal communication began with a serendipitous encounter that would change her life’s direction.

After adopting a shelter animal, Pea was invited to an animal communication workshop. Though she admits she was initially sceptical, her disbelief quickly changed when a stranger accurately described a private tour of her home from her cat, Texas’s perspective.

“I first discovered my ability shortly after I adopted my first dog, Morgan, from an animal rescue,” Horsley recounts.

“At that first workshop I was sceptical when the teacher shared stories of talking with animals,” she recalls.

“But in one of the exercises a stranger communicated with my cat, Texas, and she was able to tell me things like she’d had a private tour of my home.

“I attended a second workshop and that was when I realised this was what I wanted to do.”

This led her to pursue animal communication, learning from professionals and attending workshops that honed her skills.

Animal communicator Pea Horsley with her dog Morgan who she adopted before developing skills connecting with animals
Pea’s animal communication journey began after adopting her dog, Morgan (image supplied)

“Animal communication is a heart-based awareness,” Pea explains.

“(it) can help us with behaviour issues, lifestyle, moving home, missing animals, and in multiple other ways.

“When we communicate with species like wombats or dingoes, they may not only communicate on their habitat and needs, but also share wisdom which we find personally useful and insightful.”

Talking us through what a typical communication session looks like, Pea shares that she now solely works remotely.

“I find I am able to help more animals and their guardians, when I work remotely using a photograph of the animal.”

“I print off the photograph and the booking form, settle on a comfy sofa and go through my routine of preparation.

“This can be short if I am already feeling really relaxed and focused, but if I’ve just been busy doing lots of computer work or racing around, I spend longer moving my energy into a relaxed and open state.”

For Pea, the art of a successful animal communication session centres around intention and attention.

“Along with some helpful practices I’ve learnt along the way.”

Animal communicator Pea Horsley book  for those who want to learn animal communication and animal communication Australia
Learn animal communication with Pea’s book (image supplied)

Pea says that everyone is different when it comes to how they receive messages from animals.

Animals communicate their thoughts and feelings to Pea in various ways. This includes by images, thought-forms, and emotional impressions.

“I receive images that land in my head spontaneously,” she shares, “but my strength is to receive thought-forms.”

“I can hear in my head words, sentences, and have a two-way silent conversation with an animal.

“On a science, quantum physics level – everything is made up of the same building blocks, just units of energy, arranged into patterns of molecules – which is energy.

“We have this sameness; we share a kinship.”

Pea says that everyone has the ability to communicate to animals, many just don’t realise it.

“We move around as though we end at our skin, viewing it as a boundary to the outside world, and believing we are independent beings,” she says.

“But we are unconsciously aware of our surrounds – air temperature, moisture content, the smells, the slight breeze, vibration through the earth, the mood in a room.

“When we shift our perspective and dissolve the sense of separation, the connection can be instantly available. We can work on improving clarity. We can fine tune our focusing, like focusing the camera lens.”

Pea is bringing her expertise and guidance to Australia in July (image supplied)

While Pea has communicated with many animals, there’s some that stand out to her.

She recalls a story where her communication with a missing dog named Izzy led to a heartwarming reunion with her owner.

“Last year I helped track a missing dog in Australia called Izzy. Her guardian, Jo, wrote to me three weeks after a terrible car accident.”

The letter from Izzy’s owner said she had fled after the crash and despite searching for her days on end, Izzy couldn’t be found.

That’s when she reached out to Pea.

“Thankfully when I communicated with Izzy the first things she expressed was, “I’m safe. I fled.”

“I also felt she was still alive, but I double-checked with a gestalt technique to be sure. She showed an image of her body; her ribs were clearly showing.

“She felt bruised but otherwise, amazingly, she was doing pretty good physically.

“Yes, she was hungry, scared and worried, but she was still in her physical body which meant there was hope.

“I took time to offer her comfort, healing and to reassure her I’d try and help her and Jo back together again.”

And that reunion happened just two days later when Izzy made her way back home.

Pea is also passionate about sharing her knowledge and teaching others how to communicate with animals.

“When we bring animal communication into our life as a conscious concept, it takes us away from the need to evaluate intelligence based on brain size or function.

“This changes our relationship with other animals, and this shift changes our view of the world and our place in it.

“The onward effect of this is that we live enriched life in connection with the natural world. That connection brings so much beauty, harmony, and transformation.

“I believe that animal communication is the most powerful tool we possess to re-establish a loving and meaningful relationship with the real world and our larger purpose in it.

She emphasises the transformational experience not just for the participants but for the animals they connect with.

For those intrigued by the prospect of deepening their connection with animals, Pea’s advice is unequivocal: “Do it! Don’t waste a single minute.”

Pea Horsley and her dog for Animal Friendly Life's article on animal communication

Pea is bringing her expertise to Australia this year, giving those interested in deepening their connection with animals the chance to learn from one of the best in the field.

Scheduled for 13 – 18 July 2024, the six-day full training promises an immersive experience.

Attendees can expect to learn how to have a two-way exchange of information with animals, practice with feedback and encouragement, and experience deep communications, internal journeys, and meditations.

Pea describes the course as a journey to “expand your consciousness through animal-initiated healing to regain and remember your inherent wholeness.”

“You will learn how to have a two-way exchange of information with animals,” Pea adds.

Pea passionately believes the power of animal communication can transform lives. And she urges those who are interested but may not be able to her make her seminar to consider joining her online community.

“If all animal species interest you, consider joining my membership (called) The Pride.”

Membership offers exclusive access to a monthly 90-minute live communication with an animal species. You will also have access to expert lessons, loving support, and guidance along the way.

For those looking to connect or attend her Australian session, the best place to start is by Pea’s website, Animal Thoughts. (Head to the Australia Animal Communication Training page.)

Pea offers Animal Friendly Life readers an exclusive discount on her courses by using the code: Animal Friendly Life.