• Pet Circle’s campaign for pets on public transport

    May 2, 2024


    With increasing calls for pets to be allowed on public transport, a leading pet supply company has launched a petition calling for regulation changes across the country.

    Australian pet supplier Pet Circle is calling for changes to allow pet-inclusive public transport nation-wide.



    Jon Wild at bus shelter with his dog and Pet Circle petition for pets on public transport
    Pet Circle’s Jon Wild (image supplied)

    Updated 21 May 2024:

    The petition to allow pets on public transport has already received more than 20,000 signatures.

    Pet Circle announced the numbers after a recent public assembly – or ‘pawtest’ was held outside Parliament House in Sydney last week.

    A number of MP’s, pet parents, and animal lovers joined Pet Circle at the event, advocating for the changed pet travel laws.

    Stay tuned; we will keep you updated on the progress!

    A group of people and their pets outside Parliament House in Sydney recently for the Pet Circle pet protest to allow pets on public transport
    Pet Circle, MP’s, and pet parents at last week’s ‘pawtest’ (image supplied)

    Original article 
    With an overwhelming number of Australians supporting the idea of pets on public transport, leading pet supplier Pet Circle has launched a petition to make it legal.

    In an effort to transform Australian public transport into a more pet-friendly service, a leading pet supplier is urging the public to support their ‘Pawtition’ to make it legal.

    The petition aims to put pressure on the government and transport operators to adapt to the increasing demand for pet-accommodating transportation options.

    Public transport not keeping up with Australian pet rates

    Despite the fact that 69% of Australian households have pets, restrictions remain in place across various states and territories that prevent pets from accompanying their owners on public transport and domestic flights.

    The regulation – which has long been a heavily debated topic – is causing increasing frustration for pet owners.

    However, a recent Pet Circle survey shows an overwhelming 88% of Australians support pets being on public transport.

    Of the supporters, 33% say they are completely comfortable with the idea, and 46% would support it given proper guidelines.

    Jon Wild, Chief Marketing Officer at Pet Circle, says while some regions, like Victoria, have made strides with allowing some pets on transport, there is a significant need for uniformity in pet transport regulations across the country.

    “At Pet Circle, we believe in bettering the lives of pets and their pet parents,” says Wild.

    “It’s about time that pets are allowed on public transport, with Australia trailing behind other countries.

    “We’re asking parliamentarians and transport operators to be more uniform across the country.”

    Under Victorian law, small pets are welcome on public transport in carriers, while larger dogs on can go on trains with leads and muzzles.

    “Based on our research findings, nearly three out of every ten Australians who own pets face challenges accessing veterinary care without access to public transportation, which means that their pet might not be getting the healthcare that they need. We need to do better for our pet parents and pets.”

    Animal Justice Party calling for pets to be allowed on all public transport 

    The Animal Justice Party supports the petition and advocates for the introduction of animal-friendly carriages on trains.

    “We have quiet carriages on trains, why can’t we have animal friendly carriages as well?” says AJP’s Emma Hurst in a Facebook post.

    “Companion animals on public transport will mean people without cars can get animals to the vets.

    “Pounds and shelters are at capacity and our animal-UNfriendly state is making matters worse.

    “It is time for NSW to catch up with the rest of the world and start allowing animals on public transport.”

    Hon. Emma Hurst from Animal Justice Party and Lord Mayor Clover Moore both support calls for pets on public transport
    Hon. Emma Hurst from Animal Justice Party and Lord Mayor Clover Moore both support the push for pets to be welcome on public transport (image: Facebook)

    The reasons why pets should be allowed on public transport in NSW

    Pet Circle’s petition outlines a number of benefits that can arise from pets being allowed to travel with their owners.

    • It would aid pet owners who are unable to drive;

    • Reduce car usage nationwide

    • Support the economy by making travelling easier and more accessible for pet parents

    In the case of flying, it would alleviate the anxiety of both the owner and the pet by allowing them to stay together

    Call to action (and pawtest)

    To galvanise further support, Pet Circle is organising a ‘pawtest’ in mid-May at the NSW Parliament House.The event invites all pet parents and supporters to advocate for more inclusive transport regulations.

    Australians are encouraged to join the movement by signing the ‘Pawtition’

    This article was previously published as: https://animalfriendlylife.com.au/news/more-than-85-of-australians-support-calls-for-pets-on-public-transport


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