• New wildlife care centre to help koala population in Sydney

    April 30, 2024


    A new wildlife care centre will soon be established to help support the koala population in Sydney.

    The NSW Government says the centre will be part of a $5 million investment to help koalas in south-western Sydney.

    Minister Penny sharpe visits Mack the koala in hospital for Animal Friendly Life's article on the new wildlife care centre set to help the koala population in Sydney

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    In a significant development for wildlife conservation, the NSW Government has announced a $5 million investment to support koala populations.

    The funding will support initiatives to rescue, rehabilitate, and preserve the habitats of koalas across New South Wales.

    The announcement coincides with the release of two koalas, Mack and Gage, who will go back into their natural habitat.

    Mack and Gage went into WIRES’ care after being found in Holsworthy. The pair was found on separate dates last year, though sadly, both were orphaned after their mother’s died.

    After their rescue, both koalas received comprehensive and specialised care at the Wildlife Health and Conservation Hospital at Sydney University’s Camden campus.

    Now fit for release, Mack and Gage are taking their first steps back into the wild.

    Home for the first week is small bushland while WIRES observers check that they are ready to go further.

    “After being observed for a week in a small bushland area to ensure they are climbing trees properly, they will be given the green light to roam further afield,” WIRES says in a statement.

    Rescued koalas Mack and Gage in WIRES care before released back into the wild as government announces wildlife care centre to help koalas
    Rescued and rehabilitated: Koala’s Mack and Gage have been released back into the wild (image: WIRES)

    NSW Government’s wildlife grant for koala care

    Mack and Gage’s release coincides with the NSW Government announcing $5 million investment to establish a koala care centre in south western Sydney.

    The new facility will be at the university’s School of Veterinary Science Camden campus as  part of the Wildlife Health and Conservation Hospital.

    “This funding is vital to support the provision of acute, intermediate, and pre-release care of koalas within the one facility, which is a game changer,” says Head of School and Dean, Professor Jacqui Norris.

    The region is home to a large koala population and the investment is set to boost the availability of expert help for koalas.

    The new wildlife care centre will be built at the University of Sydney’s western Sydney campus.

    Minister for Climate Change and the Environment Penny Sharpe says the NSW Government is committed to ensuring the survival of koalas like Mack and Gage in the wild.

    “The koala care centre will help through rescue, rehabilitation and eventual release,” says Minister Sharpe.

    “I have seen the important work by the passionate and dedicated team at the Wildlife Health and Conservation Hospital

    “I met little Mack at the Wildlife Health and Conservation Hospital in September when she was newly orphaned.

    “It’s wonderful to see her strong and healthy as she returns to the wild.

    “Safeguarding these koalas is vital. We want future generations to be able to step into bushland in south-western Sydney and see koalas in the wild.”

    Head to WIRES’ website to learn more about the organisation, wildlife rehabilitation, and ways to donate to help animals like Mack and Gage


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