5 pet adoption myths: why rescuing shelter pets is a win-win

Thinking about adopting a shelter animal but worry that some of the pet adoption myths about the process and the pets themselves might be true?

It’s common for these myths to create unnecessary doubts, leading many potential owners to second-guess their decision to adopt. In this article we aim to dispel the misconceptions about pet adoption and rescue. And by doing so, we highlight all the positives and benefits of welcoming a rescue animal into your home.

Richard and owner Darcy on grass for pet adoption myths debunkes

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A big misconception is that shelters only house mixed breeds, but the reality is far different. Shelters and rescues are teeming with purebreds waiting for their forever homes. In fact, specific breed-specific rescues cater to those looking for a particular type of dog or cat.

The stereotype that rescue pets are somehow broken, either behaviourally or physically, is widespread but unfounded. Many animals end up in shelters through no fault of their own—be it due to an owner’s financial instability, relocation, or the pet’s previous family not understanding the commitment required to care for them.

Owner Liam with rescue cats Zym and Rayla
Rescue cats Zym and Rayla with their owner Liam (image Petstock)
18-year-old cat Spade was adopted from the RSPCA NSW (image supplied)
18-year-old cat Spade was adopted from RSPCA NSW (image supplied)

One of the more common myths is that adopting a pet is a long, complicated process compared to going to a breeder. While shelters are thorough in their adoption processes— and rightly so, to ensure pets go to a loving, safe environment—this diligence is a small hurdle when you consider the lifetime of companionship ahead.

Adopting or rescuing a pet isn’t just about giving an animal a second chance. It’s about enriching your life with a companion who will give you unconditional love in return.

Shelters are filled with all kinds of pets—purebreds, mixed breeds, youngsters, and seniors. All are waiting for someone to look past the myths and see them for the loving companions they are.

Now, armed with the truth, perhaps it’s time to revisit that initial hesitation? Why not consider opening your heart and home to a rescue pet. Who knows? Your perfect match might just be waiting for you at your local shelter.

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