The Petstock Foundation’s National Pet Adoption Month turns 10

The PetStock Foundation’s National Pet Adoption Month campaign last month resulted in close to 1000 animals being adopted across the country.

March 2024 was the campaign’s best yet result, a great way to mark the 10th anniversary of the foundation’s National Pet Adoption Month.

Read on to learn more about the initiative, the results, and why rescuing pets is so important.

Girl cuddling rescue dog for National Pet Adoption Month campaign by PetStock

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Update18 April 2024: The Petstock Foundation’s 10th consecutive National Pet Adoption Month (NPAM) campaign was officially a success, with almost 1000 animals finding their forever homes across Australia.

During the month of March, 961 pets were adopted, surpassing last year’s figures and marking a continuing trend of growing community support for pet adoption.

NPAM is an initiative that helps find loving homes for rescue pets in need of adoption or fostering. This includes cats, dogs, guinea pigs, even birds.

Jessica Curtis, Petstock Foundation Strategic Manager says the organisation is extremely grateful to all those who supported their campaign by choosing to adopt.

“Each year, we’re inspired by the generosity of Australians who take action during National Pet Adoption Month,” she says.

“Pets provide us with companionship, emotional support and are seen as family, and we believe pets and people truly are better together.

This year, out of the 961 pets that were adopted, 823 of those were cats. followed by 19 dogs, 42 rabbits, 39 guinea pigs and 5 birds.

Victoria and Tasmania saw the highest number of adoptions with 241 pets finding their forever home. This is followed by 146 in Queensland, 148 in South Australia, 138 in Western Australia, and 109 in New South Wales and the ACT.

Over the past 10 years, the Petstock Foundation’s National Pet Adoption Month has helped find loving homes for close to 41,000 rescue pets across Australia and New Zealand. But, there are still more animals in need of homes.

There are currently over 9,300 pets at shelters, rescue groups, pounds and vets across Australia awaiting adoption1, and with the rising costs of everyday expenses, sadly it is predicted that this number will continue to rise.

Buzz the rabbit with his new owner Valeria who adopted him during National Pet Adoption Month
Rabbit Buzz found his forever home with Valeria during National Pet Adoption Month (credit: Eugene Hyland)

Original article: This month marks the 10th anniversary of the Petstock Foundation’s National Pet Adoption Month campaign.

The initiative – which runs every March – aims to educate the public about pet rescue and advocate for adoption of pets in need of homes.

Throughout the years, National Pet Adoption Month campaign has led to 40,000 animals adopted in Australia and New Zealand. But despite the high numbers, there’s still more than 8,000 pets remaining in shelters, rescue groups, pounds, and vet clinics waiting for a new home.

The increasing cost of living and the pressures that come along with it, lead experts to believe the numbers are only going to rise.

Because of the unprecedented increase in surrenders, Petstock’s Foundation’s National Pet Adoption Month initiative is more important than ever. The campaign encourages prospective pet parents to open their hearts and homes to a pet in need. Rescuing a pet is a rewarding experience for both the animal and the new owner.

Emphasising the significant impact pets have on human lives, research by Petstock Foundation shows 36% of Australian adults report feelings of loneliness. The figure highlights the need for companionship, which a rescue pet can offer in spades!

Many studies over the years have shown the positive impact pets have on our health, mentally and physically. They’ve also shown an association between all types of pet ownership and lower experiences of social isolation, particularly for children.

Rescue dog Richard with his owner Darcy (image: PetStock)

Experts say there is a common, but untrue, belief that rescue pets have more behavioural issues.

“Many rescue animals have been surrendered for reasons other than their behaviour,” says Dr Kate Mornement, an Animal Behaviourist and ambassador for the Petstock Foundation.

“And many have undergone basic training, so I would encourage people to not be deterred from adopting for these reasons.

“In my experience, an adopted animal can adjust and learn how to fit into your life.”

Though for those who remain concerned, she says there’s other pets that might be better suited.

“If you’re still concerned, why not consider adopting a different kind of animal,” she suggests.

“Guinea pigs, birds, and rabbits also make wonderful pets.

“And (they’re) great companions for children to help teach them kindness, compassion, and how to care for animals.

“Or if you are not currently in a position to adopt, you could consider fostering a pet in need.”

There are currently over 730 available pets for adopt at Pet Rescue: Australia’s largest searchable database of rescue pets .

And there’s no shortage of animal varieties to consider welcoming into your home either.

You’ll find over 490 species of animals including guinea pigs, ferrets, birds, horses, sheep, rabbits, and more, on PetRescue.

“Our family has fostered a number of dogs,” says Dr Kate.

“After that (adoption), we knew we were ready for a pet.

“And we adopted our foster dog Lenny, who is now a huge part of our family,” says Dr Kate.

Man patting og on bed for Compare the Market pet survey shows how much we love our pets
97% of people surveyed by Petstock agree that having a pet positively influences their life (image supplied)

Jessica Curtis,a PETstock manager, says the campaign aims to enrich the lives on both ends of the leash.

 “There are so many wonderful benefits of pet ownership, says Jessica.

“Including reducing feelings of loneliness, opening up opportunities for social interaction, and increased overall happiness.

“Pets and people truly are better together.

“We’re asking Australians to adopt or foster a rescue animal or donate to support rescue charities across Australia.”