Illustrator Myke Mollard’s love of animals inspires new kid’s book

Author, illustrator and animal lover Myke Mollard’s new book allows children to get up close and learn about our most colourful birds.

Australian Backyard Birds front cover by Myke Mollard

Australian Backyard Birds combines Myke’s signature illustrations with his love of animals to produce his latest book, featuring 150 of Australia’s most vibrant birds.

Myke aims his colourful illustrations at kids by captivating the children while they read about the bird and its habits..

Childhood passion

As a child, Myke says he spent many hours in the garden observing and learning about birds, and that passion has continued in his adult life.

“Honestly, I love animals,” says Myke.

“I loved animals as a kid and, as I grew older, I learned more and cared more for the plight of wildlife.

“I rescued two Magpie babies after a spring storm and also spent hours helping an injured Magpie recover from a window collision.

“So, it was intuitive to me to write books which explore my fascination with animals.”

one of the illustrations in Australian Backyard Birds
Myke’s colourful illustrations captivate children while they learn about the different bird species (credit: Myke Mollard)

Myke says that while each book he illustrates is different, he always aims to inspire children to learn about animals and to understand their importance.

“A big part of my books is about identifying each species and allowing kids to explore, understand and love these creatures,” he says.

“If we form a love, a bond, and a respect for nature, we will always seek to protect what we are deeply passionate about.

“I draw wildlife to bring that experience to your bedside lamp light as you dream about a world filled with a thriving ecosystem of bush creatures and hope for nature.”

Child reading Myke's book
Myke’s illustrations fascinate kids (credit: Michelle Minehan)

Myke is so proud of how Australian Backyard Birds turned out, that he says it’s his new favourite book.

“After a long time illustrating and writing I’d found myself so immersed in the work that I forgot what I’d illustrated and produced, so when I received my printed copy I was blown away!”

Join Myke on this delightful journey and you never know, you might discover stories waiting for you in your own backyard!

About Myke

Myke Mollard is a children’s educator, illustrator, author, and designer.

After starting his career in graphic design, he later found outlets for his passion for educating kids about the world around them.

One of his first books, in 2008, was the best-selling A-Z of Australian Bush Creatures which sold 85,000.

He is also the author of Australia’s Dangerous Creatures, Australia’s Endangered Creatures, Australian Dinosaurs, and Mega Beasts.

Australian Backyard Birds is available at all good bookstores or online.