• Trees for Pets; unique pet memorial using trees to honour lost pets

    September 8, 2023


    A Melbourne-based pet memorial business is offering grieving owners a unique and meaningful way to remember their beloved pets while helping global reforestation at the same time.

    Starting as a passion project in 2022, Trees for Pets allows owners to plant memorial trees to enable reforestation at scale.

    The simple and affordable concept enables grieving owners to find a sense of purpose by helping the planet.

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    Memorial tree

    In partnership with global reforestation organisation Ecologi, the company simplifies memorial tree planting while assisting reforestation efforts.

    The Reforestation Memorial Trees are a tribute to beloved pets and a way to protect the planet.

    Grieving pet parents will also receive a personalised certificate and gain access to the virtual ‘Trees for Pets forest’.

    Each tree – planted either locally or globally – will acknowledge the person who donated it, along with the honoured pet’s name.

    Trees for Pets pet memorial gift certificate
    Pet owners receive a certificate acknowledging their lost pet (image: Trees for Pets)

    Further to the individual memorial trees, the collective achievement is tracks in real-time to emphasise the community’s reforestation impact.

    “After experiencing pet loss in our own families and watching friends go through it, we felt like there needs to be a better way to memorialise beloved pets,” says Marlen Farley, co-founder of Trees for Pets.

    “We were looking for a meaningful, affordable option, tied to nature, with a positive impact on the environment.”

    Trees for Pets also offers native memorial trees with personalised plaques and memorial ceremonies at a country property in Victoria.

    Also available are planter sets for pet parents who prefer planting their own pet memorial trees at home.

    “We saw an opportunity with over $100 million annually spent on pet urns and other pet memorial products in Australia to redirect funds toward reforestation,” says Adviser Verity Byrne.

    “For every pet loss in Australia, we envision a tree being planted.

    “This is our first step in steering Australians towards eco-conscious pet memorials, with the ultimate goal of making traditional pet urns obsolete through our sustainable approach.”



    Overview of Trees for Pets – Reforestation memorial trees

    Planted as part of an accredited reforestation project through the Ecologi network;

    Option to choose a single pet memorial tree or a memorial tree grove of 25, 100 or 500 trees planted globally or locally in Australia;

    Personalised digital pet memorial trees with acknowledgement of the tree doner and the honoured pet’s name;

    Validated with a certificate and unique tracking ID to locate trees in the virtual Trees for Pets forest and look up details, such as planting date, location, tree species and associated reforestation project;

    Available as a gift option, with earth-friendly add-ons, such as framed pet portraits and forest-scented candles.


    →For more details, visit the Trees for Pets website or Instagram page.


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